Thursday, July 11, 2013

Progress Update

Hurricane Chantal made landfall on the southern coast of Hispaniola yesterday and fortunately diminished in strength and quickly became a tropical depression.  While there was still heavy rain and flooding across the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the impact was not as tragic as feared.

Meanwhile, at the project the crew has finished the exterior of House #1, a three bedroom unit.  The beautiful cedar siding and trim have turned an unfinished shell into a beautiful and unique home.  Cedar railings will be installed around the upper level balconies after the tile surfaces are finished on the floors.  At the ground level there are still some areas to receive concrete slabs, and there will be extensive landscaping to be completed.

Meanwhile, the plumbing / electrical crew is working on the utility rough-in.  When that is completed we will install Tongue and Groove ceilings over the living room and dining area; cedar siding on the inside face of the perimeter walls; and sheetrock in the kitchen and bathrooms.  All of the floors will have a tiled surface.

Now we move on to House #3 to finish the roof decking and shingles, and then we will install the Tyvek Housewrap and all windows and doors.

As always, all of the Pan Abode materials have been selected for excellent quality, the expert design work has proven to be perfectly functional, and the quantities of materials supplied exactly correct for the job.

Cedar Siding on House #1

Cedar Siding at Living Room Bow Window

Roof Beams in place on House #3
Ready for decking and shingles

Here's what was on the site where House #1 now stands
The Earthquake in 2010 devastated much of the Bourdon area.