Monday, March 4, 2013

It's cloudy and cool in Bourdon today which is wonderful!  No rain, though, so we managed a full day.  Stripped foundation forms from house #1and reset them for house #2.  Concrete will be poured there tomorrow morning and we'll start the floor system on the first house.  It's not too exciting to look at right now, but very soon things will start to blossom.  Here's a picture of the beautiful straight, square  and level foundation which is a rare sight here!  Also some pictures of the house we just completed before Christmas for Mr. Guy Riviere.

                                                   The front terrace and entry shown below.

                                                          The custom kitchen below.

                                                         The master bedroom below.

                                                              The side view below.

 The central courtyard in the middle of the house with a SkyVue skylight overhead and very impressive             curved trim work by Voltaire and crew.

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