Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday night, March 3
Satigny Inn, 36 Thomassin, Haiti

Up here at 3500 feet it's quite cool and raining hard.  It was so cloudy / foggy all day I couldn't see the city below which is unusual.  Typically the view from here is quite impressive, and from this distance one can almost imagine a normal city without all of the problems of Port au Prince.  After spending many months here now, I can say that one sees hopeful signs in the smallest things though; a section of road repaved, a whole day without a blackout, one more building repaired and open for business.  There's a long road ahead, but there's a bit of promise.  Hopefully our little project will represent one of those steps for at least a few people.  My crew just had their first payday Saturday and that's a great thing for them.

We've poured the top layer of the foundation for the first three bedroom unit, square and level and complete with adequate rebar and steel anchor bolts to tie in the wood framing.  Tomorrow we do the same thing for the second unit, a two bedroom building on the exact site where the previous home collapsed.

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