Saturday, March 16, 2013

My good intentions of posting daily have gone by the wayside.  Ten hour days in oppressive heat and humidity have reminded me of my limitations.  Heat notwithstanding, we have nearly completed the second story of the first house and have the floor framing in place for the second house.  We've had problems with no power;  our "general contractor" has another project underway so we have to share a very insubstantial generator.  There is, of course, no electricity at the site, or even in the neighborhood so as is the norm in Haiti, one has to make do.

We get inquiries daily from people who have heard about our project and are curious to see what a wood house looks like.  I'm sure we'll end up selling some more as people realize what a great system we have to offer.  Our only drawback is the 27% import tax which is charged on each container, but all in all, we still end up being less expensive than if a person tries to build with local (often very inferior) materials.

Here's a picture of the crew relaxing on a Saturday afternoon after a long 50 hour week.  Good guys all, and very under-appreciated by many Haitians.

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